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Your professional work is valuable

Each design is the result of your professional expertise and unique architectural perspective. Hours of experience, then hours invested in perfecting the floor plan.

If your work was uncommissioned, then even the most inspired plan could end up shelved. And if you’ve shared your designs, you’re vulnerable to imitation.

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Register and claim your original work

Plan Registry helps architects and building designers strengthen the value of their work.

By submitting your plan, you get third-party certification of your drawing. You’ll receive our independent confirmation of the date your plan was lodged.

Organise and access your work, or share it by invitation.

Why use Plan Registry?

  • Store and organise your files in a purpose-designed database.
    Plan Registry acts as your online library, so you can access everything you need from any location.
  • Filter to quickly find the right plan.
    Set detailed criteria and find plans that match your priorities.
  • Share designs with clients and colleagues
    Invite others to view your designs in a professional, digital portfolio.
  • Register your original work.
    Easily demonstrate when your plans were created through independent third-party certification.

Take control of your work

Set up your professional account to start registering and organising your floor plans today. Choose to keep them private or share them by invitation.

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