How Plan Registry works

1. Professional floor plans are submitted

Architects, building designers, builders and developers submit their floor plans to Plan Registry. They choose whether to add detailed criteria and files. They can also register the plan when it’s ready and receive a digital certificate confirming that the plan has been lodged.

2. Filters help users find the perfect floor plan

Builders and developers can search their plans, limiting results to those that suit land parcel and local government requirements. Architects and designers can quickly check whether their previous designs are suitable to use again. Or create something new, using a previous plan as a base.

3. Download your files, ready to use

Plan Registry organises guide plans and detailed files in a single location. Access everything you need from anywhere in the world.

The ultimate tool for builders and developers

Lodge your current floor plans with Plan Registry then share them easily with clients. Send a link inviting them to view the plans in your account.

Filters to match every detail

  • Select the type of plan you need, either dwelling, multi-dwelling or detached garage.
  • Filter in detail by size, site characteristics and building specifications.
  • Set up templates to match your local regulations and use them to refine your search results.
  • Nominate parent and child plans to combine plans for individual dwellings in a multi-dwelling development.

Peace of mind for architects and building designers

Register your floor plan with us and receive dated third-party certification that your plan has been lodged. You’ll be able to prove exactly when you created your plan.

What does it cost to register and share a plan?

With Plan Registry, users pay for precisely what they need.

Your annual fees are based on the number of users who need access to your account, and the number of plans in your library.

All of your plans will be due for renewal on the same date. As you register new plans on your account, pro rata fees will be calculated.

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