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  • Search plans for any building type, from home to high-rise.
    Plan Registry logs detailed criteria for each plan, tailored to meet the needs of the building industry.
  • Use filters to see plans that suit your site and vision.
    Quickly narrow your search to only the plans that match your project requirements.
  • Download the files you need from any location.
    Plan Registry stores all the files for every floor plan, so you can access what you need faster.
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Designed for the building industry

Plan Registry is purpose-built to match the needs of the building industry. And it’s far more powerful than the spreadsheets and filing systems previously used by builders and developers.

Save hours searching for the right plans for your next project. Plan Registry includes detailed filters to help you quickly find floor plans that suit your land parcels and local government requirements.

Sophisticated filters to make searching easy

Get a floor plan that suits the size, slope, aspect and access of your building site. And easily filter by features that will make it feel like home.

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    Search your own plans, or search plans shared with you by architects or builders.
  2. Choose the type of dwelling you’re looking for.
    Plan Registry stores all your plans and files, from homes to high-rises.
  3. Filter to find plans that match your needs.
    You can view basic guide plans to help you choose the right plan.